Tartu to Tallinn - 3 ways to travel via train, bus, and car For journeys starting from Tallinn, just buy a ticket to Valga and get on the train, then buy the Valga-Riga ticket on board the Latvian train. For journeys starting from Riga, buy the a ticket to Valga at Riga station. Buy an onward Estonian ticket on board the train from Valga. 1) Tallinn to Tartu
Distance from Tartu to Tallinn tartu to tallinn Yes, the driving distance between Tartu to Tallinn is 184 km. It takes approximately 2h 24m to drive from Tartu to Tallinn. Get driving directions
Airport Shuttle from Tartu to Tallinn Airport - Tartaline tartu to tallinn Hello everyone, I plan to spend three day in Tallinn in early September and would like to have a day trip to Tartu on Saturday. I have checked the express bus and train timetables/fares and looks like there are more bus options and only one convenient morning train from Tallinn at 8:16 am.
Tartu - Wikitravel lll Compare fares and comfort features of all intercity buses from Tallinn to Tartu . Here you find round trips from Tartu to Tallinn and vice versa. The bus trip search engine for Europe.
Trains | Tartu linn The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Tartu and Tallinn is 164 km= 102 miles.. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Tartu to Tallinn, It …
By bus | Visit Tartu The distance from Tartu to Tallinn is 186 km, to Pärnu 170 km, and to Narva 182 km, and the drive takes less than 2.5 hours. The historical road network, which runs through Tartu from Lübeck to St. Petersburg and where the Via Hanseatica tourism route on the Riga-Tartu-Petersburg section was created, has been very important throughout history.
Distance from Tallinn to Tartu tartu to tallinn 1a Travelling from Tartu (Estonia) to Tallinn (Estonia) Tickets for Estonian trains are available either locally or online. There are no advance fares available. Buy your ticket from Tartu to Tallinn here.
Bus Tallinn ↔ Tartu – find cheap tickets | CheckMyBus How far is it between Tallinn and Tartu. Tallinn is located in Estonia with (59.437,24.7535) coordinates and Tartu is located in Estonia with (58.3806,26.7251) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Tallinn to Tartu is equal to 101 miles which is equal to 163 km.. If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Tallinn and Tartu is 184.33 km.
Videos of tartu to tallinn tartu to tallinn All bus routes from Tallinn to Tartu and return. Check the bus schedule of all companies and find your cheap ticket on CheckMyBus.
Tallinn to Tartu - 3 ways to travel via train, bus, and car Tartu Bus Station is located in the city centre, and there are comfortable direct bus connections to larger centres in Estonia as well as across the border. In one direction, more than 50 buses run between Tallinn and Tartu per day, most of which also stop at Tallinn Airport. Tartu also has excellent connections to all the bigger Estonian cities as well as to Riga, St.
Tallinn - Tartu - Lux Express Tartu (Estonian pronunciation: , South Estonian: Tarto) is the second largest city of Estonia, after Estonias political and financial capital Tallinn. Tartu is often considered the intellectual centre of the country, especially since it is home to the nations oldest and most renowned university, the University of Tartu.
Images of Tartu to Tallinn Tartu (historically known as Dorpat or Yuryev) is the second largest city in Estonia with a population of 100,000. It is a Hanseatic city and a university town. Dating back to 1030, it is the oldest city in Estonia.. Understand []. Tartu is 185 km south-east of Tallinn, in the center of Estonia.The Emajõgi River, which connects the two largest lakes of Estonia, flows for the length of 10 km
Bus Tallinn ↔ Tartu – find cheap tickets | CheckMyBus tartu to tallinn All bus routes from Tallinn to Tartu and return. Check the bus schedule of all companies and find your cheap ticket on CheckMyBus.

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