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Definition: Pro rata share is a method that assigns a proportionate amount of income or losses to shareholders or members of a company based on their ownership percentages. What Does Pro Rata Share Mean? What is the definition of pro rata share? Originating from the Latin term in proportion, pro rata allocates equal fractions of an amount.

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However, a calculation made on a pro rata profile of expenditure, rather than pro rata temporis, as recommended by DG AUDIT, would be more appropriate. EurLex-2 (9) Under the pro - rata - temporis method, a persons part pension from his/her own Member State is calculated on the basis of a pro-rata

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However, should the quantity released into free circulation, as established by the Commission on the basis of data collected pursuant to Article 14(6) of the basic Regulation, in any given calendar year, or for the remaining part of the year 2006 on a pro rata temporis basis, significantly exceed the 700 000 tonnes reflecting the traditional quantities as established in recital (169) above

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en Where such settlement is reached, implementation of this Protocol shall resume and the amount of the financial contribution shall be reduced proportionately and pro rata temporis according to the period during which application of this Protocol was suspended.

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"authorities can require pro rata temporis repayment of. the aid. (34) As the scheme seems to make no reference to the " You could also use simply "pro rata" or -----Note added at 2 days21 hrs (2007-03-21 08:52:29 GMT)----- Additional note: I am sure you are well aware of this, but, for the record, pro rata by itself requires context (e.g

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pro rata definition: 1. calculated according to, or as a share of, the fixed rate for a larger total amount: 2…. Learn more.

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Traduction. Prorata temporis est une expression latine qui en français signifie « en proportion du temps effectivement écoulé ». Elle est souvent utilisée dans le langage juridique pour désigner le calcul dune somme dargent (née dun contrat notamment) en fonction du temps passé.

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Pro rata leave. Labour & European Law The German court, the Abereitsgericht Passau, asked the CJEU to decide whether the “pro rata temporis” rule (under which workers only accrue paid annual leave for the time they actually work) was compatible with European law. Decision of CJEU.

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pro rata se efectuează la finele anului şi se înscrie în decontul de taxă pe valoarea adăugată întocmit pentru luna decembrie.” În ceea ce priveşte afirmaţia societăţii contestatoare potrivit căreia organele de control au folosit două metode de determinare a pro - ratei, în sensul că o data aceasta a
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