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Sharpleaf Norway Spruce. A dark green, compact selection, the irregularly mounding Picea abies ‘Mucronata’ produces thick, stiff shoots with large, brown buds. Plants grow slowly when young, but as they mature, the rate of growth accelerates and they eventually develop leaders with several sub-leaders.

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Picea abies The genus Picea (spruce) offers so much variety in size, shape, color and landscape use that it is easy to believe one or more choices will fill any imaginable garden need. Distinctive cultivars from 13 species include a range of color choices: blue, …


Introduced in the 1850s, Picea abies Pumila (Norway Spruce) is a dwarf, evergreen shrub forming a charming flat-topped cushion. Its lower branches tend to spread outward, while its upper branches tend to spread upward. They are densely covered with

Picea abies Pumila (Norway Spruce)

Comments: A seedling selection of Picea abies Pendula with much more open branching. It does retain the characteristic weeping form and the full shirt, though is more apt to have the cobra-like leaders. Very different look.

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Picea abies Hiimuaa is a diminutive, perfectly globose selection of Norway spruce, arguably one of the slowest growing known cultvars. Fine, symmetrical appear to radiate from a central point and needles are extremely tiny, approximately 0.12 inch (4 mm) long and dark Blue-green in color.

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Western Evergreen availability page. See all the plant material we have available on our live availability page.

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Kääpiökuuset (Picea abies f. nana) ovat hitaasti kasvavia, pienikokoisia ja malliltaan kupumaisia, pallomaisia, nauriinmuotoisia ja luonnossa joskus myös epäsäännöllisen muotoisia. Nämä eivät ole ollenkaan harvinaisia Suomen metsissäkään, eli kannattaa pitää silmät auki.

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Picea abies Greggs Seedling plačiau : Paprastoji eglė: Picea abies Hasin plačiau : Paprastoji eglė Picea abies Gold Drift plačiau : Paprastoji eglė: Picea abies Hiiumaa plačiau : Paprastoji eglė Picea abies Holub 1 plačiau : Paprastoji eglė Picea abies Horka CR plačiau : Paprastoji eglė: Picea abies Hradek

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Picea abies (Norway Spruces) Picea bicolor (Alcocks Spruces) Picea breweriana (Brewer Spruces) Picea engelmannii (Engelmann Spruces) Picea glauca (Alberta Spruces) Picea jezoensis (Jezo spruces) Picea mariana (Black Spruces) Picea omorika (Serbian Spruces) Picea orientalis (Oriental Spruces) Picea polita (Tiger Tail Spruce) Picea pungens

Picea abies picea abies hiiumaa

Picea abies Golf harilik kuusk Golf 746. Picea abies Gregoryana Veitchii harilik kuusk Gregoryana Veitchii 747. Picea abies Helene Cordes harilik kuusk Helene Cordes 748. Picea abies Hiiumaa harilik kuusk Hiiumaa 749. Picea abies Himfa harilik kuusk Himfa 750. Picea abies Honenstein harilik kuusk Honenstein 751. Picea

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Picea abies Suur Hiiumaa Picea abies Tuka Puka Picea abies Våstergötland Picea abies Vélopoli W.B. Picea abies Viminalis Picea abies Virgata Picea abies Weeping Blue Picea abies Wichtel Picea abies Wills Zwerg (Obergärtner Bruns) Records 1 to 93 of 942

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Picea abies Super Maixner. Picea abies Supermaixner. Picea abies Supeł. Picea abies Susan. Picea abies Suur Hiiumaa. Picea abies Suur Hiiumaa. Picea abies Suur Hiiumaa. Picea abies Svah. Picea abies Svata Mari. Picea abies Svata Trojice. Picea abies Svatý Jan. Picea abies Svicka. Picea abies Svineticka Spic. Picea abies Svojek #2. Picea abies

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Picea abies, as described in 1881 by (Linnæus) Hermann Karsten (1817 - 1908), in Deutsche Flora. Pharmaceutisch-medicinische Botanik, is commonly known as Norway sp…

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Picea abies Hajny Picea abies Hiiumaa Picea abies Hillside Upright Picea abies Jzerskie Hory Picea abies Kamberk Picea abies Kamberk 3 Picea abies Kellermans Blue Cameo Picea abies Koci Picea abies Kotel Picea abies Kynzvart Picea abies Lipin Picea abies Litle Gem Picea abies Lukavec

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Formanek Norway Spruce. Picea abies ‘Formanek’ is a radically prostrate, slow-growing form of Norway Spruce that will become a densely matted, spreading carpet over time. If staked up, its strongly weeping branches cascade down and create a pendulous form. Unstaked, it is …

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