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Populaarseteks kultuurisündmusteks on saanud Hiiumaa kammermuusikapäevad ja Hiiu folk, kohalik melu on kõige elavam augustis kohvikute päeval. Kui ilm lubab, tasub saarele saamiseks proovida Euroopa pikimat jääteed, sõltuvalt jääoludest 24–27 km pikkust rada Rohuküla ja Hiiumaa vahel.

M/S Hiiumaa at Rohuküla - YouTube

Although Hiiumaa is very small, some of the buses do not head to Kärdla: some go along the southern part of the island to Käina and Emmaste. See Estonia#Get around for bus schedules. By ferry . Mostly people come to Hiiumaa by ferries, either from Rohuküla (on mainland) to Heltermaa or from Triigi in Saaremaa to Sõru.

Hiiumaa by bike

hiiumaa rohuküla

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hiiumaa rohuküla

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It took two hours to Haapsalu and when we got off the bus and packed our stuff, we went to have some pizza at the Haapsalu city centre. After the delicious moment, we rode 9 kilometers to the Rohuküla ferry harbour and got on the ferry. The ferry from Rohuküla to Heltermaa, Hiiumaa was very affordable, 3.70€ per person with a bike.

Hiiumaa - Official tourist liikenne tiedot

hiiumaa rohuküla

Rohuküla Harbour is the ferry terminal for ferries to the islands of Vormsi and Hiiumaa. You can pass the time at the harbour café while waiting for the ferry. Rohuküla Harbour can receive yachts with a maximum draught of 3.6 m. In addition, it is suited for receiving cargo and passenger ships.

Travel to Hiiumaa. Ferry, plane, bus.

Hiiumaa council agrees to the construction of a wind farm. Recently there has been a trend towards smaller farms and more tourism . Transport. Road transport from Estonian mainland to Hiiumaa involves a 90-minute (28 km) ferry crossing from Rohuküla to Heltermaa, which is 25 km by road from Kärdla.

Rohuküla to Hiiumaa - 4 ways to travel via ferry, taxi

hiiumaa rohuküla

What companies run services between Rohuküla, Estonia and Hiiumaa, Estonia? Go Bus AS operates a bus from Rohuküla to Kärdla once a week. Tickets cost 2€ - 4€ and the journey takes 2h 10m.

M/S Hiiumaa at Rohuküla - YouTube

Hiiumaa is the second biggest island in Estonia. The Swedish and German name of the island is Dagö. Its located just north of Saaremaa Island and west from the mainland. Formed 455 million years ago as a result of a meteorite explosion Hiiumaa is one of the oldest islands in the world. The island is known for its wealth of lighthouses.

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